Digital Portfolios

Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design

(listed in alphabetical order by last name)

Brianna Acton (she/her), Desire

Desire reflects the dichotomy of beauty, strength, and the haunting allure behind the scenes in the ballet world. Behind the poised exterior and delicate movements, lie a deeper narrative, often overlooked—the struggle, the sacrifice, and the battle against one’s own reflection in the mirror. This collection is a homage to these remarkable dancers, both the gloriously enchanting facade they present and the unseen battles they fight within. As the collection unfolds, a hint of rebellion and sensuality emerges—a good girl gone bad, seeking liberation from the rigid constraints of the dance world. These three looks utilize pattern making to embrace the ballet body as it “should be”, emphasized hips, tiny waists and exaggerated proportions highlight the flaws within a ballerina’s “perfect” body. Through Shima Seiki Apex Technology, I designed fully fashioned knitwear to work with the body’s natural shape and accentuate the model’s proportions. Inspired by the nostalgia of classical ballet, each piece was carefully created using couture techniques and traditional suiting fabric. This collection was designed to be sold ready to wear, every piece can be worn together and layered to create an endless array of looks. 

Camryn Bogaty (she/her), Something Blue

Something Blue is a celebration of enduring love stories, where each bride is honored with a unique sense of beauty. Drawing inspiration from the marriage of tradition and modernity, this collection weaves narratives through its designs, capturing the timeless elegance of each bride. Embracing circular design techniques and incorporating upcycled laces and materials, these creations resonate with the essence of everlasting and beautiful love. Elevating the allure of lace, the designs seamlessly blend couture techniques and meticulous construction with modern and timeless aesthetics. With a special emphasis on highlighting the intricate and ageless beauty of lace, I aim to breathe new life into traditional bridal gowns.

Ellie DiPaolo (she/her), Baroque Reverie

This collection, Baroque Reverie, takes inspiration from the era that bears its name, embracing its fashion silhouettes and artistic influences. The garments derive their color palette and atmosphere by embracing the moody and sultry aesthetics of the period’s still-life paintings. Meticulously crafted to accentuate the body, these pieces are tailored from a luxurious moiré weave bengaline, presenting Baroque silhouettes in a fresh light. Each garment is adorned with intricate hand-beading, reminiscent of the delicate highlights found in fruit within famous still-life artworks. This collection not only embodies a reverence for the past but also encapsulates the elegant, tailored designs that resonate with women today capturing the essence of heritage, style, and the timeless beauty of the female form.

Aaliyah Gibson (she/her), Self-Destruction

Distinguishing my collection through a different lens, I aim to showcase beauty in the process of biodegradability, drawing inspiration from the mesmerizing film “Annihilation,” where beauty emerges from destruction. Just as in nature, where life sprouts from decay, each garment within Self Destruction reveals the inherent elegance in the life cycle of materials. Crafted from biodegradable fabrics like wool, cotton, and silk organza, my designs honor the earth’s natural rhythms and celebrate sustainability. In Self Destruction, circular design principles are seamlessly woven into each creation, symbolizing the interconnectedness of all things and ensuring that every element returns gracefully to the earth. Through intricate handcraft, including delicate embroidery and laser-cut layering, my collection embodies the transformative power of decay, where beauty flourishes amidst the passage of time. Like silk organza flowers blossoming from decayed landscapes, Self-Destruction invites wearers to embrace the profound connection between humanity and nature. With inclusivity at its core, this collection transcends gender and size, welcoming all to participate in its narrative of renewal and reverence. As I embark on this entrepreneurial journey, Self-Destruction stands as a testament to my personal philosophy and commitment to responsible fashion. By redefining perceptions and challenging environmental norms, I strive to create a brand that not only reflects my values but also contributes meaningfully to the broader narrative of sustainability in the fashion industry.

Olivia Haas (she/her), Ozurie (ooh-uh-ree)

Step into the enchanting world of Ozurie, where the intricacies of nature intertwine with technology in a captivating costume collection. Inspired by the magical memories and media of her childhood, three characters come to life in pieces crafted from unconventional materials including renewable wood-pulp thermoplastic, closed-cell acetate foam, and cactus leather sustainably sourced from Guatemala. Heat shaping, detail sanding, laser cutting, and dimensional painting all played a part in transforming these once rigid materials to the organic shapes and swirling motifs present in the final looks. Additional fabrications include boiled wool, shimmering satin, whimsical botanical embroidery on mesh, and crinkled silk chiffons, which bring in subtle textures that emulate leafy layers of faraway forests. Finally, headpieces and other accessories fitting for this fantasy realm complete each character while minimizing waste from garment development. This collection is an ode to fearless imagination, and calls everyone to look beyond reality…into possibility.

Mia Harel (she/her), Nocturnal

This collection draws inspiration from the vibrancy of the nightlife, architecture, fashion, and music scenes of international cities. This collection is an ode to the rhythmic beats of urban nightlife and the echoing through sculptural designs, and abstract textures. Inspired by gothic and more traditional architecture along with the 1970s urban club scene, this collection features sheer garments that playfully flirt with light and shadow, reflecting an urban, dynamic ambiance. Organic lines and simple fabrics encrusted in embroidery and beads, reflecting the harshness of the city scape. This collection celebrates the female form, each piece meticulously crafted to accentuate and honor the curves of a woman. A collaboration where avant-garde meets elegance, the collection is crafted for a fabulous urban woman.

Marina Lamphier (she/her), MARINA

Growing up sailing among the notoriously unpredictable Great Lakes, I live by the mindset of “there’s no bad weather, just bad gear.” However, the gear currently in the market for sailors is solely for functional purposes. Being a fashion aficionado and sailing enthusiast, I aim to bridge this gap between fashion and function, beginning with my debut collection, MARINA.
There is an abundant excess of unusable sails from physical debilitating damage of shrimping or large tears, as well as professional elite teams running through multiple replacements per season.
Resurrecting retired spinnaker kite sails to set out to sea again but as outerwear designed with sailors in mind to be worn again and again. Using every part of the sails: sail numbers into placement prints, seams and patches into design lines, canvas trim into interfacing and seam binding. High stress integrity areas of the sails (vertices and high seam concentration areas) used in high wear areas of garments: butt, knees, elbows, etc.  
Each piece is constructed with traditional sailmaking techniques to uphold the authentic craftsmanship of the original sail stitches as well as reinforcing the fabric’s water repellent properties. 
Completing the collection with engineered topstitching of nautical chart depth soundings of influential locations of my sailing career among the Great Lakes. 

Jaclyn Lupo (she/her), For Antoinette

As a designer, I understand that circular design is a solution to combat the fashion industry’s waste problem. I believe we already have what we need, so this collection is fully upcycled (lining & all!) from locally sourced second-hand garments flooding donation bins & thrift stores. The textiles are uniquely quilted together from these collected woven garments to build surface interest and maximize the use of the sourced pre-existing garments. This womenswear collection acts as a complete capsule wardrobe. It is composed of mix-and-match separates that can be styled in many ways to support an eco-minimal mindset. Named after my Nonna, For Antoinette inspires you to look to the past to gain perspective on the present and future. Most importantly, it dares you to reconsider your relationship with modern consumerism to encourage you to make better choices for yourself and the world around.

Sarah Maxwell (she/her), Roaring On

Experience the elegance of the 20s with ‘Roaring On,’ a dancewear and costume collection that seamlessly merges the glamour of the Great Gatsby era with the contemporary comfort of modern dance apparel. Inspired by the opulence of the Great Gatsby musical, this collection harmonizes structured 20s-themed dress wear with the flexibility of dancewear, achieving a perfect balance. The infusion of modern sophistication is hidden beneath the dazzling exterior, achieved through a meticulous blend of spandex and elastic, providing unparalleled comfort and freedom of movement. This attire captures the magic of a bygone era, empowering women to bring the essence of the 20s to life through the art of dance

Laina Miller (she/her), INNERBLOOM

Innerbloom is where allure meets opulence in a collection of iridescences and shimmers. Each piece is meticulously crafted with fabrics that catches the light with every step. This collection goes beyond being just a series of garments; it is a celebration of sensuality and sophistication, a living testament to the confidence exuded by those who wear it. Each garment is designed to uplift and empower the individual wearing it to blossom into their own confidence. The luxurious textures in this collection serve as a metaphorical bloom, embodying the inner glamour and confidence of those who wear it.
Innerbloom holds such a special place in my heart. While designing the collection, I looked back and reflected on myself as a person and as a designer throughout my life. I wanted to design garments that would make the person wearing it feel beautiful inside and out no matter the circumstances. I started my journey in fashion on the other side of industry, modeling. Modeling provided a unique insight while designing. I learned a lot about myself and gained a lot of confidence yet had so much taken away at the same time. I later realized I wanted to switch sides and become the designer. Innerbloom is a representation of how I strive to feel on a daily basis.

Kate Mikucki (pronouns), Repetitions and Reflections

This collection is a representation of man-made and natural forms of repetition. Graceful layers of silk chiffon echo the repetition of the ridges on the surface of oyster shells. The architectural beauty of Opera House Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia in Spain and the details of halved conch shells inspire the pin tuck motifs seen in silk georgette fabrics. Multiple techniques that display gradients, through color and texture, are utilized in this collection. Through dip-dying and fabric manipulations with hand-knitting, these transitions showcase seamless gradients that symbolize profound transitions. These shifts, from light to dark, mirror the cycles of seasons, the passage from new to old, the spectrum between happiness and anger, the journey from life to death, and the path from darkness to light. In turn, these visual displays of transition in the garments possess a deep meaning of transition in the artist’s life, from school to establishing a career in the industry.

Jazminé Morrow (she/her), Sixta Street

Welcome to Sixth Street, where cultural heritage meets modern expression. Drawing inspiration from the detailed Panamanian traditional dress, the Pollera, this collection embodies a fresh interpretation of tradition and modernization. The pollera is a beautifully pleated one-piece skirt that when lifted fans out and shows a beautiful shape. Sixta Street created with streetwear influences celebrates the craftsmanship of pleats, lace trimmings, the creation of shapes and a fusion of neutral tones with vibrant bursts of color. This is done with deadstock materials and utilization of scraps to eliminate waste. From structured designs to fabric manipulation, the collection reflects the dynamic with every stitch. It embraces Panamanian roots with pride and celebrates the power of personal expression. Welcome to Sixth Street, where culture meets streetwear. 

Paige Mueller (she/her), Hawthorn Haze

Hawthorn Haze is a collection inspired by Irish and Celtic folklore, specifically those revolving around the Seelie and Unseelie courts. Traditional screen printing with textile embellishments and a painted watercolor dying technique are used to give subtle hints about these aspects. Botanical motifs that hold symbolism to the Fae; such as, oak, ash, and hawthorn trees, along with foxglove, primrose, and bluebells are used throughout the collection. Cotton and silk textiles are used for a luxurious feel and sustainable efforts. Secondhand fabrics and yarn are incorporated along with upcycling for a slow fashion collection with hand sewing techniques. The collection enchants the viewer, realizing that the typical Faires that they are used to are not quite the reality. Wings, in different places, horned helms, spiders entrapping moths in their web like the Fae entrap mortals in Faireland. The garments’ fantasy elements can be taken off to make the collection versatile in where it is worn and the mood it evokes. The collection aims to share the true nature of the fae and to serve as a warning that there can be harshness in beauty.

Jack Patton (he/they), I Have Nothing to Wear

Something universal to the nightlife experience is thinking to yourself before going out “I have nothing to wear!” This collection presents itself as the solution to the fashion crisis that is turning a look for the club. Drawing inspiration from my experience in the queer nightlife scene, these hot-blooded clothes represent ideas of sensuality, eroticism, and freedom. Eyelet-laced trims, latex accessories, and the tension between leather and silk take clothing beyond straight-up sexy. With a sincere and nuanced interpretation of lustful clubwear, “I Have Nothing to Wear” projects an unabashedly queer and alluring desire for individuality.

Calvin Saidin (he/they), Heavenly Body

Heavenly Body is inspired by gore special effects and depictions of women in American horror, creating a juxtaposition of femininity and bloody, graphic imagery. The lens of body horror is used to explore the surreal and painful relationships we have with our bodies in marginalized communities. Heavenly Body has a large focus on textures, with human anatomy and gore inspired textiles created from reclaimed threads and fabric scraps with a washable interfacing technique, as well as birds eye jacquard and pointelle machine knits made with Shima Seiki technology. Aesthetic inspirations are also taken from 90’s grunge and kinderwhore fashion

Ellie Sear (she/they), Out of My Mind

Out of my Mind is a collection meant to showcase the depths and darkest corners of the mind. Transformed from a light and airy concept to a much heavier psychological theme, this collection showcases techniques meant to represent the complicated conflicting feelings of being human. The knotwork fabric technique shows a disruption of the fabric, contrasted against the clean tailored lines of the clothing bases. The knots are created using the scraps of fabric generated in the garment-making process, making the design more circular. To achieve a plunging color palette, the garments were dip dyed and painted with beeswax to create a fabric resist. The black and red colors call to the internal process and thoughts of our minds.
While the collection is womenswear, as a designer I seek to blur the line between gendered clothing and my collection has a strong base in that mentality. I have a strong background in drawing and illustration and wanted to bring that element to the table in my surface design.

Sanai Simmons (she/her), Bittersweet: 003

Pivotal experiences throughout life are what we all go through and my collection, The Angel’s Wing: Bittersweet 003, is a dedication to making beauty out of pain. There are times when we feel pain and it may feel like the end, but time goes on. We look back on those experiences as a testimonial to who we are today, as pain is essential to our individual growth. I’ve experienced 3 life changing moments throughout my life (childhood- post college, during college, about to enter the real world/ becoming the woman I’m destined to be) that each look will be dedicated to while paying homage to both my grandmother and also my grandfather whom I lost in 2017 through a print I created. Emerging my love of art and fashion, I tell a narrative story to shed light to the idea that everything will be okay, and your hurt will one day be a beautiful story to tell. Why does embracing the beauty in the abnormal captivate us? 
001- always the one who stood out from others. The one who always stood out within the friend group and family. However, knew who she was destined to be  
 002- Life started to shift drastically. Was forced to find herself and experienced freedom but with this came lessons. Began to get lost but this was the beginning of the route of finding self-love.  
 003- the rebirth. Began to endure a multitude of challenges but was seeing it as character building. Experienced a year of growth, perseverance, and building faith in God and realized there are phases to force you to sit down and take in reality.

Emma Turner (she/her), Indigo Elegance

This collection was inspired by the joy I had when I found my grandma’s 1950s prom dresses in her basement. As this I what sparked my love for fashion, I created and updated modern version of the idea of volume from that era. My main fabrics are denim and twill organza. Using Denim as my main fabric I transform it into a ready to wear womenswear collection. 

Anabel Villanueva (she/her), Sueños

For Anabel Villanueva, a Mexican-American designer born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, traditional Mexican clothing and textiles have always acted as the thread connecting her to her heritage when distance placed a strain. Through her work, Villanueva hopes to honor the rich cultures of Mexico and pay homage both to the land and people who came before her and to the pain and beauty that comes with having one’s heart divided between two cultures. Her debut collection Sueños comes as an expression of the harmony and complexity that form the blended identity of all those whose selves are divided between two lands.
As a bridal collection, the classic “dream wedding dress” is embraced while integrating Mexican motifs in a modern and fresh way. With a unique synthesis of design, material, and cultural influence, this collection celebrates new faces in western fashion today. It expresses the struggle to honor all sides of one’s identity and the heartache that comes when the world is unwilling to embrace them all.  Upon first glance, one might only see a standard western wedding dress and it is only with a more intimate knowledge that one begins to discover its multifaceted identity. Sueños, meaning dreams, represents both Villanueva’s childhood dream to pursue fashion and the larger “American Dream.” Sueños pays tribute to those who sacrificed and persevered to provide a life for their children in which the pursuit of a dream was possible. 

Charli Yoakam (she/her), Kiwi Bunny

Kiwi Bunny honors the whimsical beauty of childhood and the belief that anything is possible. Using graphic storytelling, Kiwi Bunny takes two common things, an animal and a fruit and merges them to create new fun characters to which the wearer can connect. This collection comes to life through four-color Birdseye jacquards, links links structures, and pointelle knits. In one’s imagination, a kiwi can become a bunny, a lemon can become a fox, a penguin can become a plum, and a strawberry can become a baby seal, all animated and living on the textiles of this collection.
Kiwi Bunny is colorful, playful and speaks to all ages. Using 7G Shima Seiki Apex Technology and a combination of wool blended knits, one acrylic, and natural fiber end of mill yarns, this collection strives to be sensory friendly for everyone. Pulling from my personal childhood experience, Kiwi Bunny works to combat discomfort from the itchiness and choking sensation of tight fabric near the base of one’s neck. Ultimately, Kiwi Bunny creates an opportunity for one to feel the creative motivation to let their imagination run wild and to dress anyway their heart desires, at any age.

Master of Science in Fashion Design

(listed in alphabetical order by last name)

Sara Begley (she/her), Lost and Found

This collection is inspired by the 4:30 AM sunrise hike in the Pacific Northwest, the moment of calming connection with nature when the sunbeams hit the Earth for the first time that day. These garments are technical pieces that protect from the elements, connect active people with their passions, and support preservations of the outdoors without sacrificing design. The prints and detail topstitching uses photos that my partner and I took along all our hikes and adventures as direct and indirect inspiration. All fabrics are headstock sourced to maintain the goal of sustainability with this collection. To continue with the focus on sustainability, all the base patterns were created using clo3d software to keep cutting waste low, utilizing the software’s pattern nesting ability. With this collection I want to offer pieces that enable you to be immersed in the moment of doing. My ultimate goal is to design pieces that protect the wearer from the elements while also protecting those elements.

Madison Norman (they/she), Illusion of Control

Step into the surreal world of “The Illusion of Control,” where fashion meets art and gender losses its senses in a daring demi-couture collection. Blurring reality and challenging societal norms, fall down the rabbit hole into an alternate “Dalí-Dimension” that defies the conventional and provokes social and political views. Inspired by their human experience, Madison Norman derived inspiration from the five forces that predominately drive their reality: the human Body, Religion / Belief, Government, Time, and seeking the balance of Chaos vs. Order. Each look draped in luxurious silks, velvets and wools features traditional couture techniques enhanced by cutting-edge technology. Norman pushes the boundaries of demi-couture and expands them into the future by fusing AI, 3D printing, laser cutting, Shima Seiki 7G and 12G knitting with hand beading, embroidery, adorned with custom jewelry and accessories. The black, white and red garments are crafted with end-of-mill yarns and natural textiles, dripping in freshwater pearls and bloody crystals. Every stitch, every thread, whispers secrets of empowerment and liberation, questioning everything, urging you to embrace your demons and find solace in their otherworldly delusion: The Illusion of Control.

Tiago Segundo Olivera (he/him), Deep Paradise

5 topics about Deep Paradise – Couture Collection 
Tiago Segundo
The main inspiration is creatures living in the abyssal area of the ocean.
The collection uses metaphoric elements to create its narrative. These monstrous figures are used to symbolize our deep fears. The core of the collection is how to embrace our fears and use them to create. It balances playing between horror and beauty.
My commitment to edginess and contemporaneity means I try my best to constantly pushing design. Blending the classic with the avant-garde, the traditional with the experimental, or craft pieces that are fashionable and timeless works of art.
Mostly silks, organzas, and trims are used in combination with pattern making to create textures and dramatic shapes.
I believe that fashion is not just about clothing; it is a form of art that allows us to communicate our innermost thoughts and feelings. Every design of mine I put effort to make it sure.

Clare Wessels (she/her), F/W 24 by Pratum